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Ági Szalóki is one of the most talented and celebrated representatives of the new generation of Hungarian folksingers. For several years she was the singer for Besh o droM (a popular world music band), playing all over Europe; and with Ökrös, famous for their virtuoso interpretation of authentic Hungarian folk music. She has toured the globe with these bands from the Montreal Jazz Festival to the Barbican Center in London, and the Théatre de la Ville in Paris. Her voice can be heard on more than 35 albums. Since 2005 she has been pursuing a solo career. Of her three solo albums two have won Fonogram “Album of the Year” awards, for Hungarian Jazz (2006) and Albums for Children (2007). Ági’s singing style—characterised by subtle sensitivity, childlike honesty and inventiveness—has attracted the attention of the greatest Hungarian jazz musicians.

Watch Szalóki Ági perform at the 2009 Night of the Museums in Budapest