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Picturing Progress: Hungarian Women Photographers 1910-1946
The National Museum of Women in the Arts
03/20/2009 – 08/30/2009

At the turn of the twentieth century, photography afforded Hungarian women their first legitimate chance to become professional artists. Inspired by the successes of their American counterparts, they took advantage of their newfound freedoms by training at prestigious European institutions. Between the two World Wars, the number of women photographers and women-owned studios in Hungary greatly increased. This exhibition explores careers of women photographers, from those who often filled the positions of male photographers who joined military service to those who dedicated their work to the pursuit of social justice by disseminating images of the poor during the economic crisis of the 1920s.




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Adults: $10, Visitors 60 and over, Students: $8
1250 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC
Tel: 202-783-5000, 8

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